About Me



Inspired by some initial ideas, I started to paint portraits as a hobby. It was astonishing and fascinating at the same time to see the symbiosis of evolving into a recognizable act.

Nowadays, my family, friends and surrounding nature inspires me to find new ideas and methods of painting. I still consider myself being in a learning spiral in which I am sometimes hindered by my own sense to improve details and my striving to capture "the soul" of the subject in my paintings.

I particularly like to paint on request, using personal pictures as example accomplished by some words describing the inner feeling one feels thinking about the pictures. Especially in pictures of animals or portraits, I try to capture these subconscious feelings into my paintings.

I really love my work and consider it a privilege to have some of my paintings hanging in other's houses being admired for what they are.

Malgorzata Remmers

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